Activities outside the campus On this page you will find very soon more information about some activities related to the conference, such as exhibitions and other projects which will be organised by several partners outside deSingel campus. Keep you posted!
Type An Sich, exhibition Pierre di Sciullo, more information very soon on
Designcenter De Winkelhaak, project Boekdelen, more information very soon on
Boekenbeurs 2007, just a two minute walk from deSingel
Typexplosia, Sat. 3 November 2007, 20:00 - movies, performances and graphics from:
Letterleggers (typo-animation), Kevin Apetown (wordplay extended), Guy Rombouts (Azart), NB: Studio (London in typo)

Other interesting events Shapeshifters, Sint-Lukas Brussels. The way graphic designers deal with the almost imperceptible ultrasounds that seem to announce major social-economical, political, cultural and technological changes, and try to communicate them, stands central to Seismographics, a new series of lectures organised by Shapeshifters, from November 2007 till March 2008, at the Brussels Beursschouwburg. More info: