Conference program Registration starts on Friday November 2nd at 09:00. Lectures & presentations will start at 10:00 and end at 19:00. 7 lectures per day will be scheduled in the blue hall (940 seats) and 3 to 4 lectures/presentations per day will be scheduled in the small hall (92 seats).
Extras During the conference you can visit some infostands, the Copyright bookshop and the splendid foyer of course! Speakers will be able to sign their books. If you have interesting material to share with us please contact us at Changes in the schedule are always possible!


Friday 2/11
Saturday 3/11
blue hall
blue hall
08:30 welcome/coffee/registration
08:30 welcome/coffee/registration
10:00 Alessio Leonardi 10:00 Sara De Bondt
11:00 Fons Hickmann Gesine Grotrian-Steinweg 11:00 Frederik De Bleser Tom De Smedt Lucas Nijs
12:00 Janenrandoald 12:00 Cum*
13:00 lunch
13:00 lunch
14:00 Rick Poynor
14:00 Ruedi Baur
15:00 René Knip
15:00 Tom Hautekiet
16:00 coffee break
16:00 coffee break
17:00 Toffe
17:00 Pierre di Sciullo (exhibition at Type An Sich!)
18:00 Erik Kessels (Kesselskramer)
18:00 Ben & Elly B0s
19:00 end of lectures day 1 19:00 end of lectures day 2
19:00 informal drink
20:00 Typexplosia happening at MuHKA media


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