Rick Poynor (UK) founder of Eye magazine, critic and writer on graphic design & visual culture
Ruedi Baur (F)
multidisciplinary approach between Paris & Zürich: Atelier Intégral!
René Knip (NL) graphic designer, type maniac (not type designer) and inventor (from time to time)
Fons Hickmann (G) got really sick when he first saw the logo for the soccer world cup in Germany!
Gesine Grotrian-Steinweg (G)
she was playing with n° 11!
Frederik De Bleser, Tom De Smedt & Lucas Nijs (B) programmers challenging the future of design
Ben Bos (NL) this honoured Dutch graphic designer just finished the job of his life!
Elly Bos (NL) what a coincidence, Elly also just finished the job of her life!
KesselsKramer (NL) creative and against the grain. Bad websites though!
Toffe (F) Christophe Jacquet dit Toffe!
Pierre di Sciullo (F) ‘quiresiste’ his work?
Alessio Leonardi (G/I) old type isn't as good as old cheese! Or was it vice versa, shit?
Sara De Bondt (B) spreading out her international wings…
Janenrandoald (B) young and awarded freaks of graphic ‘micmac’
Tom Hautekiet (B) he can do everything, just ask politely!
Cum* (B) Cum in the streets, gosh gosh!
Femke Snelting (B/NL) beyond the traditional software: design tools for designers
Tim Knapen (B) …everybody wants to rule the world…
Frédéric Albers (B) please sit down if he starts telling you stories and surely don't believe him…
PubliActie (B) multimediadilemma? Don't say we didn't warn you!
Boris Bobcat & Kooky Koon (B) craving for international fame…

and at last… the only and mysterious Rose Woods (B)