warning_blahBen Bos (°1930) Graduated with honours at the Amsterdam Graphic College and the Rietveld Academy with Wim Crouwel (1955-62). Worked for Ahrend (office furniture and supplies), first as a copywriter, later as designer/art director. Within Total Design and later with 2d3d and finally as a freelancer, Ben was a designer/consultant for Ahrend for 50 years. Curator/designer of the Ahrend furniture museum. He was the first employee of Total Design in 1963, became after 3 years a creative director and stayed with the group for 28 years. He was director of Total Design Brussels 1990-91. Ben specialised in corporate identity. At his retrospective exhibition in Breda (2000), there was a special presentation of more than 100 logotypes he designed. Bos is an honorary member of BNO (Dutch Designers Association), Les Amis d' Arc en Rêve Bordeaux and the Brno Biennale of Graphic Design. He was elected into the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) in 1978. Organised it's Holland congress in 1986 and was AGI's national president 1985-2005. He founded the Dutch National Archive of Graphic Designers (NAGO) in 1993; president 1993-1998. He is an international juror at design competitions and academies/colleges. He taught for many years editorial design and corporate identity and lectured all over Europe, in Israel, Tokyo, Chicago, New York, Hartford, Tehran. Ben wrote several books and numerous articles in the design press. With his wife Elly he wrote/edited the history of AGI: 'Graphic Design Since 1950', published 2007 by Thames & Hudson London/New York. www.a-g-i.org