Boris Bobcat (°1984) and Kooky Koon (°1981) Craving for international fame, they just chose their intergalactic sounding alliterating name. Before they were called Carry Van Wezel and Goeie Goethem, the men after the well known and celebrated posters of a theater here in antwerp. Between these posters there was the poster ‘Mijn Paasei stoat oep springen!”, this was nominated for the price for the best theaterposter. Ultimately it didn’t win but the jury really liked the colors! The two men were very dissapointed, but they didn’t let hang their courage. They started to work their asses off for Feeling and TV-Blad, two Belgian magazines. Their main objective was to create, for the two magazines, a new and young layout. They did that very well. Only, the managers of the magazines thought here otherwise about and until today these layouts were never used. So, NOW, they decided to go international!!! The changing of the name was just the first step! At this moment they are going to English lessons and they are changing their eat-habbits. But what they really see as the beginpoint of their international breakthrough is the appearance that they will make on this international conference! So come and see BoBo and KoKo! -