warning_blahPierre di Sciullo (°1961), is a designer working near Paris. Besides his work in various media and platforms, books, posters, video, screen work and exhibitions, he conducts research in the areas of graphic and typographic design. He has been awarded from the French Ministry of Culture and from the Charles Nypels award in Maastricht for his typographical research,. Beginning in 1983, he started publishing "Qui? Résiste", a collection of handbooks mixing texts and pictures. He has experimented with writing methods and various graphic techniques. He created a series of fonts: the Minimum font series; the Quantange, an "orthographic-phonetic-plastic" font; the Basnoda, letters for vertical palindromes; the Sintétik, for texts with all useless letters removed. After creating Gararond, an irreverent tribute to Garamond, he designed Aligourane and then Amanar, 5 digital fonts in the Touareg writing system, allowing the Touaregs to have full access of their traditional writing system as print material and on screen. He has recently expanded in work with set-designers and architects. Whether in wood, metal or glass, he likes things written large. Pierre di Sciullo teaches in Strasbourg, has lectured in France, Europe and abroad. www.quiresiste.com