warning_blahPubliActie (Marthe Van Dessel, Claire Warnier, Kurt Cornelis, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Sophie Burm & Dries Verbruggen) PubliActie is a project that questions software/technology within today's printmaking, but also how it affects our daily life. In the footsteps of Kiliaan www.corneliskiliaan.be, the first dutch dictionary maker, we will be publishing a lexicon, during the annual Antwerp book fair. More specific, during Integrated 2007, we will look together for words, neologisms and definitions related to conditions, actions and sentiments inherent to the digital evolution. For example how would you define the fact that someone calls you to tell you that they sent you an email or have you ever had a multimediadilemma? PubliActie focuses on alternatives for gathering content, authorship, copyediting, graphic design, production, printing and distribution. The lexicon is a vessel for addressing (The Gimp, Scribus, Inkscape and Dia) the use of free software tools, open source typography. Feel free to visit our mobile desktop at Integrated 2007 and help us find new words. PubliActie is a temporary collaboration between Ada, bolwerk, Constantvzw, Sfumato & Unfold, and the wordjugglers among you!
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