warning_blahJan W. Hespeel (°1972) and Randoald Sabbe (°1973) graduated respectively in the free graphics and graphic design department at Sint-Lucas Ghent. They were very polite to each other but never had a conversation though. They started to teach at Sint-Lucas in 1997 and soon a certain synergy appeared. In 2004 they started their collaboration and recently named their studio 'Janenrandoald'. It is now one of the most awarded graphic design studios in Belgium. Some of their clients: Antwerpse Musea, STAM/Stadsmuseum Gent, Concertzaal De Bijloke, Witte Zaal, De Werf Brugge & Véronique Branquinho. About their work: "we sit back in front of our computer screen and discuss a lot until one gives a pass and the other one scores!" www.janenrandoald.be